• Voltage regulator
  • Frequency conversion control cabinet
  • High voltage reactive power compensation equipment
  • Low pressure combined power distribution cabinet
  • XZWIntegrated distribution box

    Puyang huahai electrical appliances co., LTD is a electrician electric company,Is a registered enterprise approved by the national related department。The main high and low voltage power distribution cabinet、High and low voltage components,The company is located in China's henan puyang city north loop60Number。In line with the puyang huahai electrical appliance co., LTD“Customer first,The good faith is supreme”The principle of,With a number of enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation。Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit、Inspection、Business negotiations。Mainly engaged in electrical components; …

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    The ground The address:Puyang city106Three kilometers north road and PuTai road intersection    The electricity Words:18639365997