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The cement powder spray pile construction matters needing attention2012/8/2
Introduction to pile machine high pressure jet grouting construction of restructuring2012/8/2
About the strict enforcement of prestressed concrete pipe pile...2012/8/2
Pile driving and drilling technology2012/8/2
Pipe pile industry out of“Quality alert”The shadow2012/6/20
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    Nanchong hon large pipe pile co., LTD. Under the guidance of jun-hui deng's chairman,Was established2010Years2Month,The registered capital800Ten thousand yuan。Is specialized in the production、Sales、The construction of the first tensioning prestressed high strength concrete pipe pile(简称PHCPipe pile)In the company。The company is located in sichuan nanchong takatsubo yonhap town industrial park,The transportation is convenient。The company covers an area of122m,The total investment1.3One hundred million yuan。At present, the company existing staff260People,With professional and technical personnel46People,Have senior technical titles of employees5People,2Class constructor6People,The test center4People,With an annual production capacity is expected200Thousands of meters,Annual output value3.5One hundred million yuan。... [In more detail]
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