My company is dust removal equipment and accessories professional manufacturers,Department of each big design institute of metallurgical department dedusting valve accessories to choose the appointed,China's environmental protection industry association member of dust,Is the second phase of baosteel、The third phase of filter fittings and valves are appointed,Baosteel is fittings qualified suppliers for a long time。The company predecessor is dust removal equipment accessories factory,Founded in 1975,Products with national standard and the metallurgical design institute of non-standard design and manufacture,Product material is carbon steel,Stainless steel castings,Aluminum alloy, etc。Products in addition to all kinds of valves with dedusting ventilation pipe,Such as the 3-way switch valve、Butterfly valve、A secondary baffle valve、Double discharge valve、Air volume control valve、Globe valve、Blow air valve、The flashboard valve、Offline valve、Disc slag discharge valve、All valves、Pulse valve, etc,In addition to hang、Clamp、Muffler、Filters, etc,How much production of dust collector cyclone、Venturi dust catcher、The inertial filter、Pulse dust collector、Big bag dust collector(Used in the third phase of baosteel),Products are widely used in metallurgy and petrochemical、Electric power、Cement、Building materials and other fields......
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