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Shandong university zhongtian electronic co., LTD. Is a zhen-qi song academician of Chinese academy of sciences in1997Advocated in shandong university of science and technology innovative high-tech joint-stock enterprises,With energy-saving monitoring industry as the leading industry,Set product research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、Practice teaching in a body,Is a high level of energy saving monitoring products manufacturing enterprises。The company mainly produces:Multi-user smart meters、Energy saving electricity management system、The safe management system, etc,Welcome to inquire!Company withDFMulti-user watt-hour meter as the core,In order to remote power utilization management system of energy conservation、Rf card system used as the main development project,To develop in the direction of energy consumption monitoring and management。Products are widely used in university apartment、Commercial market、Urban context、Village intelligence property、Energy saving of the prison Measurement, etc。Transit as a social responsibility of enterprises in the electronic information industry of China、Iot enterprises and advanced unit of measuring instruments,Over the past twenty years,In support of the masses of users and the suggestion Under,Push system upgrade、Industry technology innovation,Combined the technology of remote meter reading and the Internet,Focus on building performance is stable、Precise instrument and intelligent management system,To realize intelligent property management、The purpose of the user easy to use,Set an example for energy saving electricity management industry。Multi-user watt-hour meterPrepaid watt-hour meterWelcome to inquire to order!

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